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Support Invitation of CTCN PALO

Create Date : 2022-07-21 Views : 1054

GTC improved the close relationship between international organizations related to climate change such as GCF and GGGI by supporting invitation process of CTCN Cooperation Liaison Office in Korea (2019.12) and laid the foundation for effective support for developing countries in Asia-Pacific region.

Overview of CTCN Cooperation Liaison Office

Name: CTCN Cooperation Liaison Office

Location: G Tower, Songdo, Incheon, Korea

Opening date: July 21, 2022 (Thu)

Key roles:

1. Technical support for expansion and reinforcement of GCF Readiness, RD&D and pro-bono projects

2. Accumulating knowledge about climate technology and sharing relevant knowledge with GCF and GGGI

3. Enhancing partnership among NDE network members


Center for

Strategic Planning

  • Personnel in chargeYu Youngjae