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  • This policy indicates how National Institute of Green Technology operates and manages video processing devices and why we use them.
1. Ground for and Purpose of Installing Visual Data Processing Devices
  • National Institute of Green Technology(herein after referred to as ‘NIGT’) has installed and utilized visual data processing devices (herein after referred to as ‘CCTV’) pursuant to Clause 1 of Article 25 on Personal Information Protection Act in order to:
  • • keep facilities secure and prevent fire
2. CCTV Updates
영성정보처리기기 설치 대수, 설치 위치 및 촬영범위 표
Installed Quantity Installed Location & Camera Coverage
3 1 for external main entrance
2 for common areas
3. Authorized Staff
  • In order to secure your private information, NIGT give authority to access our CCTV system only to some authorized staffs below.
영성정보처리기기 관리책임자 및 접근권한자 표
Category Name Position Department Phone Number
Chief Authority Personnel Lee Sam Gyu Director Division of Administration 02-3393-3971
AccessAuthorityPersonnel Seo Kwang Hoo Administrator Division of Administration 02-3393-3983
4. How Long We Record and Retain and Where We Store Video
영상정보 촬영시간, 보관기간, 보관장소 및 처리방법 표
Recording time Retention time Retention location
24 hours 30 days from recording NIGT data processing room
5. Exercise Your Right to View CCTV Footage
  • • How to exercise your right of access to visual data : Contact the authorized staffs who has access privilege prior to your visit to our facility. You can view your video on your visit to our facility.
  • • Where to watch : Division of Administration, NIGT
6. Providing Access to CCTV to Data Subjects
  • You have the right to ask NIGT to confirm presence of video you appear on and to show or delete the video at any given time. However, it is limited to footage that you are caught on or when we have a good faith belief that the video is absolutely necessary in an urgent manner for the protection of life, body, and/or property of the data subject. NIGT will immediately take proper actions needed to answer your requests on your private video information
7. Security of Video
  • The video information processed by NIGT is safely managed by a single network. In addition, as a management measure for personal video information protection, we follow the rules for safe password creation, and record and manage the creation date and time of personal video information, the purpose of browsing, and the time of viewing. In addition, for safe physical storage of personal video information, a double lock is installed in the data processing room where the control system is installed.
8. Updates to Our Operation and Management of Video Processing Devices
  • NIGT does not entrust the installation and operation of video information processing devices. In the future, we will disclose it to the information board and internal operation and management policy when entrusted, and manage and supervise whether it is handled safely. This video information processing device operation and management policy was enacted on April 8, 2020, and if there is any addition, deletion, or modification due to changes in laws, policies, or security technology, we will notify the reason and details of the change through this website.



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