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Appointed as Climate Change Response Agency

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Under the Article 15 of the Act on the Promotion of Climate Technology Development for Responding to Climate Change*, GTC is designated as a "Climate Change Response Agency**" to support international cooperation focusing on technology development and transfer, and implementation of national climate technology specialists training policies

* Act on the Promotion of Climate Technology Development for Responding to Climate Change: The Act was promulgated in September to systematically foster and develop climate technology research on reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to climate change, and to promote international cooperation for responding to climate change timely

** The official name of the organization dedicated to climate change response: Green Technology Center 'National Climate Technology Cooperation Center'

Center Overview

(Center Objective)
Contribution to implement 2050 carbon neutrality and achieving NDC(Nationally Determined Contribution) goal as a national policy think tank laeding international cooperation and human resource development in the field of climate technology.

(Main Role)
Support for international cooperation focusing on climate technology development & transfer and establishment and implementation of national climate technology specialist training policies.

Major tasks

1. Establishment policies and strategies for international cooperation in response to Climate Change

- Support for establishing policies to promote technology-finance linkage and overseas expansion of domestic climate technologies

- Support for establishing strategies for fostering human resources in the field of international cooperation in the field of climate technology responding to climate change

2. International Negotiations on Climate Change

- Support for the establishment and implementation of negotiation strategies and Offering consultation to Korean government when conducting negotiations with the UNFCCC and related international organizations

3. International Cooperation on Responding Climate Change

- Support for planning and implementation of TA(Technology Assistance) projects for related international organization(CTCN) under the UNFCCC
 - Support for planning and performance management of new government projects


Center for

Strategic Planning

  • Personnel in chargeYu Youngjae