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Approval of GCF Readiness Project for Cambodia's Low Carbon Traffic Conversion

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Green Technology Center co-organized GCF Readiness** program with Cambodian Government in GCF Delivery Partner* capacity and received approval notification from GCF Investment Committee (development and approval of the first GCF Readiness proposal in Korea)

* GCF Delivery Partner: An institution that conducts a developing country competency development support project, which is the first stage of the GCF project

** GCF Readiness: A program run by GCF to foster the ability of developing countries to respond to climate change, helping developing countries plan and strengthen their capabilities to promote GCF projects

Research Overview

As the first GCF delivery partner (DP) in Korea, it is necessary to develop its own methodology to derive technology-financial linkage strategies

- Development of a framework for diagnosing climate technology cooperation in the energy and transportation sectors and presentation of financial linkage according to preparation plan to expand support projects for developing countries such as GCF Readiness and secure tools that can be used continuously in future projects

Major achievements

1. Development of a roadmap for the spread of low-carbon transportation technology in Cambodia

- Development of a policy and infrastructure development business model and financial linkage plan based on the preparation plan of climate technology cooperation and the analysis of the connection of climate resources for Cambodia's low-carbon transportation transition

2. Proposing GCF Readiness business and Deriving the first approval case in Korea

- Submit a joint proposal for GCF Readiness business with the Cambodian government as a delivery partner ('21st half)

- Final approval of the GCF Investment Committee project ('21.12)


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